Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks!

Spring is here! To celebrate the first official week of spring we wanted to give you a few of our favorite spring cleaning tips and tricks so you can enter the warmer weather and fresh season with a fresh living space!

With spring cleaning may come some newfound storage needs. For items you’ve removed from your space but aren’t quite ready to part with yet, we’re happy to come in and help you out! Check out our website for information on all of our locations, storage options and to reserve your spot today.

Now, let’s get cleaning!

  1. Gather everything you’ll need and plan ahead! Create a schedule! It doesn’t all need to happen at once or even in one week. It’s about making your way through your house, giving it a good wipe down as well as reaching those areas you don’t reach during your regular cleaning cycle. Make sure all of your supplies are cleaned and ready to go with fresh filters and wipes. Gather all of those unconventional cleaning tools you’ll be using – lemons, white vinegar, baking soda, and onions – as well as all relevant cleaning information about your couch, upholstery, and curtains.
  2. Work from top to bottom in every room! This is crucial so dust gathers at the bottom, rather than you having to go back and wipe everything down again in those hard to reach corners. Dusting, vacuuming and cleaning in general can stir up all sorts of dust and mites, you’ll want it to move downward into your broom or vacuum bag rather than up onto surfaces that you’ve already cleaned.
  3. Transition your wardrobe. With spring weather comes spring clothing! Put those dresses, skirts, light blouses and cardigans out in front so they’re easily accessible during their time to shine!
  4. Go deep. Strategize a plan to hit those spots around your home that never get touched or are barely used. This is what spring cleaning is all about. Use a mixture of lemon, white vinegar and water to clean the corners of your microwave. Use a wet dryer sheet to target burnt on residue on your ceramic stove. Use white vinegar on that shower head build-up. Heat your oven with white vinegar sprayed on it and then scrub with an onion to freshen it up for grilling season! Grab a coffee filter to gently remove dust from computer and television screens! The possibilities are endless!
  5. Throw out, give away, store. Repeat. Go through everything and get rid of anything you don’t need, haven’t used, or have never used. This can feel incredibly cleansing. Plus, donations can be the most satisfying tax deductions you ever get! It’s a win-win.
  6. Reorganize EVERYTHING. Car center console, kitchen cabinets, storage underneath your bathroom sink, broom closet, coat closet, junk drawer, EVERYTHING. Throw away anything that’s expired, broken, or worn out. Use small bowls and a non-stick pad to get your junk drawer back in (semi) order. Install Lazy Susans in your cabinets and refrigerator to make everything easily accessible.
  7. Clear the air. No, we don’t mean have that difficult conversation with your significant other (but if you need to do that – go right ahead). We’re talking about those air filters. These are essential to change regularly, so make sure you put in new ones this spring to protect against allergens and other harmful particles.
  8. Speaking of, got allergies? Take care of yourself. When cleaning your home, dust and other mites will get unsettled which may trigger the onset of spring allergies. Getting rid of it all, vacuuming your couches and curtains, installing new air filters and even air purifiers can all be proactive steps to take against allergies this spring from the inside out.
  9. Don’t forget about the outdoors! Prepare your outdoor space by wiping down lawn chairs with dish soap and water before giving them a rinse with your hose. A pressure-washer can be used to get dirt and mud off of your stone driveway or other stone surfaces throughout your property that’s accumulated over those rainy winter months. Clean those gutters, check the pool filter, trim those trees and plant those bulbs! Spring is here – and you want to make sure your outdoor space is ready to reap its benefits!
  10. Use this spring as a chance to brighten up your space! The winter months bring dark and cold as much as they bring cuddles, great soup recipes and winter wonderlands. Your body is craving sunshine and lightness – so give it to it! Spice up your living room with some fresh throw pillows, get fresh flowers for that vase that just sits there. Enjoy your clean, beautiful, sun-filled space and happy spring!