At American Mini Storage we know that packing can be stressful. Here are some tips and information which we hope will help!

Helpful Tips

Label and/or code every box! It’ll streamline your unpacking if you identify and unpack room by room.
Start early with a couple of boxes each day. It helps to pack a room at a time.
Distribute with heavy items—no box should be over 50 lbs..
• Use smaller boxes for heavier items (like books) for better manageability.
• Heavy items go in first.
Cover clothing with plastic against moisture or dust.
Do not store combustibles, including paint and thinners.

Packing Supplies:

Boxes, boxes, boxes! Start collecting early—you’d be surprised how many you’ll need.

• For clothing, best to purchase large garment boxes (about $15 each). They have sturdy crossbars across the top so you can hang your suits, dresses, coats, etc.

• Clear plastic bags are great for small stuff and you can easily identify their contents.

Packing Tape—you can’t have too much. Don’t forget to tape the box bottoms.

Masking tape is excellent for labeling or securing covers around larger items.

Twine or sturdy cord for tying up cords and boxes and framed items.

Labels help you and the movers unload boxes to the right room. Use colored labels to instantly identify each box. And don’t forget the markers.

Foam peanuts, newspaper, paper towels or bubble wrap.

Small tools, like hammer or screwdriver, for disassembly.

• And a notepad to record and color-code what you packed. Keep this with your important documents.

Packing Tips

Pictures and Mirrors
• Wrap pictures that are small and stand them on end in boxes.
• For larger ones, buy special picture boxes.
• Consider using foam or bubble wrap.

Electronic Equipment
• It is a good idea to use the original boxes. (If you don’t have them, pack items carefully and use cushion material. Bubble wrap, cushion foam, and even wadded up newspaper will help.)
• Pack items separately.
• Stack record albums on end to prevent warping and use small boxes to hold down the weight.
• Consider the temperature as heat can warp CD’s and record albums.

Crystal, China, and Fine glassware
• Wrap each item with paper or foam.
• Label boxes with glass items and stack these on top.
• Add packing material to both the bottom and the top of the boxes.

Kitchen & Laundry
• You can put several small appliances in a box. Be sure to put packing material between them.
• It is a good idea to label box indicating what room it goes in and the items it contains. – Always consider the weight of what you are putting in boxes. It is better to use 2 smaller boxes than one heavy one.

• Tape doors shut while moving.
• Wedge doors open in storage to prevent mildew.
• You can use this valuable storage space for items such as blankets and towels.

Books and other valuables
• Pack books together in small boxes – Big boxes of books can weigh too much.
• Store your valuable papers in plastic bags.
• Consider putting boxes on pallets or something to keep them off the floor.