Prepare Your Home for Fall in These 10 Steps

Whether we like it or not, summer is transitioning into fall and the seasons are changing. The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and the weather is changing!  

Fall brings all sorts of wonderful things – foliage, crisp apples, pumpkins and squash – but it can also bring challenges to your home if you’re not prepared. Get ahead of the harsh winter weather and changing scenery by preparing your home now for the colder seasons that are coming.  

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Follow our simple steps below to whip your home into shape, so this season can bring warmth and beauty rather than damage and stress.

  1. Roof Over Your Head

First thing’s first, check the structure of your roof and make sure it’s equipped for the heavy snow or rainfall ahead. Nobody wants a leak or god forbid a collapse. Getting a professional set of eyes on it now and tweaking anything that needs it can save you a LOT of damage and money later on.

2. Warmth

One thing’s for sure, no matter where you live – you’re going to need warmth in the months ahead. Your AC has been chugging along all summer, so give it a break and change those coils before you switch your thermostat over. Then give your heater a check, change your air filters, inspect your chimney and make sure you’ve got a solid stockpile of wood and/or extra propane tanks. Also, check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms- just for good measure.

3. Clean. Those. Gutters

You knew it was coming! One of the first things everyone thinks about with Fall? LEAVES. Leaves everywhere. They can be a ton of fun, back breaking work, and in terms of your gutters – the bane of your existence if left alone too long. Clean out those gutters and install covers if you have a ton of trees on your property that will inevitably dump directly into them.

4. Don’t Neglect Your Hoses

While you most likely won’t be using your hoses or sprinklers a ton in the winter, you still need to tend to them before everything closes down. Empty those hoses out and turn off the water spigots. This will prevent the water inside from freezing, cracking pipes, and causing a ton of damage come spring.

5. Take Care of Your Plants

It’s time to prepare your leafy green friends as well. Bring outside plants inside and give yourself a refresh on their care so you’re prepped to give them what they need until they can rejoin the elements. Fertilize and feed your grass before the first snowfall. This is a must-do. It will help your lawn survive the cold winter, and help it grow back faster and stronger come spring. Same thing goes for planting bulbs – doing it now will help brand new life emerge come spring.  

6. Prep for Emergency Storms Now

One thing winter brings is potential blizzards. Preparing now can, yet again, save you a lot of time, stress and money later on. Check that backup generator, gather supplies for a snowed-in situation, and prepare escape routes and plans.

7. From the Outside In

Make sure you’ve brought in all outside furniture that won’t be able to handle stronger elements. Strip those couch covers and wash them, wipe down the coffee tables and make sure they’re stored in a dry, cool place.

Don’t forget about yourself! Gather all winter clothing for you and everyone in the family and make sure everything fits and is in good condition. Heading to the store last minute before a ski trip can be a time lag and expensive endeavor. Check it all now and have it ready for when that first snow storm hits.

8. Speak For the Trees

If you’ve got a bunch of big, glorious trees on your property (first of all, good for you!) and secondly – take a look and make sure none of them have any low-hanging, concerning branches. Again, spotting these now rather than when piles of snow cause them to land on your car will save you a lot of grief. If you spot one, calling in tree specialists to chop it off should take no more than an afternoon.

9. Program That Thermostat

If you’ve got a programmable thermostat, now’s the time to adjust it to heating and program it to adjust the temperature while you’re at work or out of the house. This can save you a lot of money on wasted energy bills and clear your environmental conscience!

10. Bring Out the Winter Toys

Last but certainly not least – it’s time to bring out those winter snow toys and make sure they’re set to go. It might be a little early for skiing and snowboarding, but check them now and make sure they’re in good condition.

After all of this, sit back, sip your pumpkin spice tea or warm apple cider and revel in the new season, and even more in being prepared to enjoy it. Happy Fall!

Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash