Moving With Pets: 5 Tips to Make it as Easy as Possible

If you think moving is stressful for us humans – imagine what it’s like for your pets! They have no clue what’s going on! They are now surrounded by a completely new environment with new smells, new sights and sounds – but similar humans, thankfully. J

What are some ways to ease this stress and make sure your pets get to the new home all in one piece? Here are our top tips on moving with pets and making the process as seamless as possible.

  • Take Them to the Vet ASAP

Different states have different vaccination requirements – so check with your current veterinarian early on and get it all squared away a few months before your move ideally.

  • Get your Carrier Early

Transporting animals obviously involves carriers no matter what method(s) of travel you’ll be using. Get your carriers early, put some of their favorite toys in there and leave them out to be explored.

  • Make Flight Arrangements With Care

Some airlines have changed their rules around animals in the cabin – limiting the number of them that are allowed. Additionally, making arrangements for them to fly underneath can be finicky – so it’s best to make all of these arrangements as early as possible and make sure you have all of the necessary documents, identification and other paperwork.

  • Make Their Space Cozy

One thing that will definitely calm them down is having a comfortable space to travel in. Make sure you’ve got a carrier that is the proper size, a few blankets, access to food and water (when appropriate) and some toys. Calming sprays and some treats can also do the trick if things get particularly anxious.

  • Security

Make sure your pets are microchipped, have updated information on their collars and have spare photos on hand in case your pets get lost. In a new space, you never know what could happen – and the last thing you want is a lost pet on top of everything else. Do your due diligence now to keep your pet safe and cared for.

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash