Everything You Need to Know About Storing Specialty Items: 6 Ways to Protect Electronics

Alright, today we’re talking about storing and moving items that for some of you us the most expensive things we own. A lot of us acquire these and own more than one variety due to updates, the latest innovation, the latest trends, etc. Electronics.

These complicated pieces of machinery have come to play a significant role in many of our lives, so their care is of the utmost importance whether they’re waiting to be used or moving to a new location.

Unlike our clothing or shoes, we don’t exactly know what materials and components make up these electronic devices, and it can therefore be harder to know exactly how they should be cared for and maintained.

We’re here to set the record straight – and give you a short list of tips for caring for your electronics – in storage or during a move.

  1. Avoid Fluctuations in Temperature

One of the worst things for technology is extreme temperature. The expanding and contracting that can happen in very warm or cold environments, respectively, can irreversibly damage certain parts. Avoid either of these options if possible.  


This should be a consistent practice no matter what state of usage your technology is in, but ESPECIALLY before a big move. One drop from the mover and your memories could be lost forever. Trust us, take the time to back it up just in case.

3. Packaging

If you can, keep the original packaging that the device came in. There is nothing more protective than this, as it’s what the makers designed. However, if you can’t find the box or you threw it out – bubble wrap, moving blankets, and silica gel to keep everything in place should do the trick.

4. Extra Parts

You’ll want to remove anything extra and move/store it separately for best results. This includes chords, DVDs, CDs and other equipment that isn’t completely necessary in that moment. Color code the chords to keep them organized and designate various bins for everything else. Organization will keep everything easily accessible- and avoid anything getting damaged.

5. Dust, dust, dust

Dust is tricky – as its inevitable, but can also potentially harm your electronics if you’re not careful. When storing items, tape a paper towel or bubble wrap to all openings to keep dust from getting inside and eroding valuable pieces of the machinery. Try to dust things regularly when they’re sitting out, and make sure everything is tightly sealed before a move.

6. Security + Tracking

A move and storage can, sadly, bring about theft if you’re not careful. Place your most expensive items in unmarked boxes at the back of your unit to deter thieves, and bring valuable things with you, if possible, in a move rather than on the truck.

Make an inventory list of every piece of equipment before the move so you can check once you arrive and make sure nothing is missing.

It can take a bit of extra time – but spending that time now can save you a lot of heartache, hassle and stress later on! Avoid damage, theft and other undesirable results with a little extra effort – your electronics will thank you!